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Mar. 4th, 2010 11:21 pm
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So in reading my dwircle I gather that LJ pulled a quick-trick with the code in a way that rather substantially benefited them financially but was pulled quickly after fans got uber-miffed.

Someone linked to LJ user's Kyle_Cassidy's journal for more info on this. The name sounded so familiar I clicked over there to read. Oh! KC is our LJ user rep. I'm still groping for specific memories around that datum point - my LJ files have been have deleted and the rest are slowly trickling out of sight - so I read farther down the comments and see that yes, many are happy that KC is doing a great job (which he kindly thanks them for but demurs, saying he'll be convinced when they get a User Backup function going).

To someone who says UR THE BEST USER REP EVAH he replied:

i think i'm only the second one and, from all i've heard, the first one vanished immediately after being elected.

Oh rly? Hmmm. Izzat so? How'd that go down? I actually recall voting in the first LJ user rep election - or wait, make that both of them - but without remembering either time who that user rep ended up being. Although I also recall being pleased that the best-qualified candidate IMO, the one I voted for, ended up being elected each time. However, these are but tiny floating islands of knowledge in a sea of HUH WHAT HAPPENED?

Enlighten me O clued-in flist. What, in the varied and vocal opinions of fandom, has been the *concrete* outcome(s) of having an LJ user board and user-elected reps?


pine: picture of big pine tree in California vineyard (Default)

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