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Life, work, my dratted dissertation, and everything else* has been keeping me busy. I'm not gafiating, just not often online here lately for more than reading my flist's posts and some news and fics, and commenting. But what else is new? If I have to choose between either posting in my own journal, or talking about whatever my friends are talking about, in their journals, I will always opt for commenting to my friends. Or to writers and artists.

*which if you know me you know what that is; but if not, you are welcome to guess at! Comment with any completely cracktastic guesses so we can all ROFL too. ;-)

I never seem to have developed whatever-it-is that motivates people to post exclusively or mainly their own stuff in their own journal. I mean... if there's no conversation happening, isn't a paper diary or a locked journal just the same? I do post private-locked often; that's for me, so I see no reason to go on exhibition with it.

It could also be that the reason for posting frequently "into the ether" is simply to practice at posting and/or writing, and doing it publicly is some part of the compact with oneself or one's muse. Since I'm not a wildly loltastic or clever writer, that doesn't attract me much. I'd rather practice being a good reader and commenter.

If you post often, do you find the number of comments (if any) make a difference? Do time limits ever mean you choose to comment on friends' posts and fics rather than posting something yourself, or do you tend to post-in-own-journal-first, read-and-comment later?

My major fandom activity lately has been beta-ing fics for fests. more rambly thoughts on beta-ing and spring and film )


pine: picture of big pine tree in California vineyard (Default)

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