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2009-09-05 10:31 pm
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AWESOME SurveyFail filk keeps coming

So I rimed me some Mother Goose filk on the PervySurveyFail (Ogi Pogi, puddin' and pie)

behind the cut )

And [personal profile] jalendavi_lady promptly shot back a limerick form (with apologies for the dissonant last line):

There once was a man, name of Ogi,
Who along with a friend was a fogey.
Fandom thought they were pervy
Once they'd posted their survey
And told them quite loudly, "Nokey!"

(Yes, I know the last line is horrid.)

Now along comes [personal profile] quinfirefrorefiddle (quinfirefrorefiddle over at DW) with an awesome, full filk! YAYYY fandom, that hath such talent in it!

"Once there were two researchers..." Sung to the tune of Carole King's Tapestry

For those who are fuzzy on the music, a link to the video. Cue, roll, sing!

Sung to Carole King's "Tapestry":

There once were these two researchers who thought they had a clue
A never-changing vision of an everlasting crew
A web of all desire they wanted to weave and hold
Stereotypes to feel and see, spelled out right there in bold.

Once, amid the internet, and sites to make you sigh
With plot lines, authorship and wit, the fannish nerds did cry,
"I do not fit your labels, and you are not on my side,
Your ignorance is willful, which I will not abide."

They moved with some uncertainty, as if they didn't know,
Just what they'd gotten into, or whether they should go.
Once, they reached for kindness, hoping for sympathy
But their words came off empty.

Soon, amid the internet, the acafen arrived
Querying their methods, and how they had derived
Their predetermined hypotheses, which did not work too well
No one wept to see them suffer, they'd ignited their own hell.

As fandom watched so cynically, they quickly disappeared
Abandoning their "research" and their new-begun careers
In times of deep despair, at least, we know they won't come back
Their "survey" lost them all their cred, we won't trust them with jack.
We won't trust them with jack....

AHH Fandom! You are Made Of Win. Now, someone's got to do the Youtube version and CIRCULATE IT AROUND THE WORLD so that every search for "Ogi Ogas" comes up with this lyrical paean to SurveyFail. ::sporfle::

ETA: for more filk, fic, fan art, parody and all your meta needs:
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2009-09-03 12:54 pm

Ogi apologizes by insulting fandom some MOAR (rev.1)

Ogi, thanks for more evidence of your social immaturity, your sexist bias, your utterly self-absorbed scientific twerpitude:


[Sep. 3rd, 2009|06:24 am]

We wish to apologize for any offense caused by our survey, which was certainly never our intention. We can clearly understand how strong feelings were evoked by the specific nature of our interactions. We deeply regret this. We appreciate tremendously the invaluable feedback we've received, and certainly hope to improve our work and grow as people as a result of this experience.

No Ogi, how about you apologize FOR BEING WRONG? For doing BAD SCIENCE and CRAPTASTICALLY AMATEUR, INSENSITIVE pop social research? For pretending to know something about fields you never took even an undergraduate class in? FOR LYING?

How about YOU apologize for YOUR FAULTS AND FLAWS AND FAILINGS instead of blaming fandom?

*takes deep breath and turns to analysis*

Sorry for the tirade. I really, really hope someone Ogi talks to points out to him that THIS IS NOT AN APOLOGY. Rhetorically, discursively, syntactically, this is a DENIAL OF RESPONSIBILITY for a situation HE CAUSED. Ogi should be apologizing for what HE did, not essentializing fandom further by telling *us* what *our* response is.

Also, I particularly vomit at how he (& poor Sai who is either an even bigger coward or a total tool of Ogi) hope to "grow as people." It's not just that they should grow as *men* and as *scientists* since in both those areas they are clearly at a very immature stage, it's that through this and other choices of words, they RESTATE AND COMPOUND their sexism and colonialism. Throughout this pathetic and completely unprofessional excuse for an apology, they emphasize their agency over fandom. They characterize fandom as a passive mass, an object, an only vaguely seen - and not worth seeing - group who they just spent many hours with, but failed to get to know in any way.

So instead, they deliver an apology that is a nonpology (or as I've also heard, a nopology). They post a text that is all about them, to a group they can't even bother to name, using discourse that frames fandom as composed of hyperemotional women who have no qualifications, no intelligence, no humanity, no rights. Their discourse establishes this binary us-versus-them schema in a way that reaffirms Ogi on a number of levels and devalues fandom in all. It does this in a number of ways; let me show you them!

ETA: now revised, with subheds and better summary. I'm workin on it!

turn up the tunes, pop open their nopology in a new window with the handy link below and let's do some discourse analysis. Whee! )